I brought a leather jacket there to have the buttons changed because one of the four buttons was broken in half and I could not find a replacement button myself on google. This was a Guess leather coat with specific Guess logo buttons. This coat had sentimental value being it was from my deceased father in law. I was told it would be $30-$40 to replace all four buttons which I was fine with. Two weeks after I dropped it off they called me and said that it was back/done, because they out source leather repair and cleaning. When I arrived there to pick it up they told me it was only $20, I was like OK! Then when I looked at the coat I realized they had found and replaced the broken button only with an exact match. I was extremely happy with that. It is still all original and only cost me $20. I would definitely use/recommend this establishment again! Great service, great pricing and just amazing! Thank you! -Lionel